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In Focus...

To José Luis Montalvá Conesa

Much time has passed since he told us that imperfection is the first step towards excellence. From the moment that these words left an impression on us, many have been the times that we have reflected on the fact that there are moments in our professional careers in which, thinking about what one wants to achieve, times slips through our fingers. And this is precisely what makes what we achieve more important than what we would have liked to achieve.
José Luis Montalvá, who in the UPV was friendly known as “the boss”, was founder of Forum UNESCO University and Heritage in 1995, and its director since then until 2009, when from his maturity he was able to enjoy the perspective of what had been already done. The reach and potential that the Forum UNESCO University and Heritage international network currently has would not have been a reality without José Luis’ dedication. We cannot repay the debt we have with him, but we can show how grateful we feel.
For all this, we dedicate this newsletter to him, in remembrance of his savoir-faire during the 14 years at the head of Forum, and as a tribute to the professional and personal heritage he has left to the ones who have been lucky to work with him.
Thank you José Luis



Thematic Areas:

Awards, Prizes, Fellowships, Funding, Competitions and Job Offers
UNESCO Director-General's activities in the field of heritage

Archaeological Heritage
Built Heritage
Climate Change Impacts on Heritage
Cultural Heritage
Cultural Landscapes
Cultural Routes & Itineraries (Routes, Canals, Railways, Rivers, etc.)
Disaster and Risk Mitigation and Management
Documentary/Audiovisual Heritage & Archives
Earthen Architecture
Education, Training, Youth and Volunteers
Genealogy & Heraldry
Geological Heritage
Heritage Conservation in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations
Heritage Economics
Heritage Communities
Heritage Legislation, Conventions, Charters & Declarations
Historic Centres & Cities, Historic Urban Landscapes
Illicit Traffic of Cultural Properties
ICTs (Information & Communication Technologies) for Heritage
Illicit Trade of Wild Fauna and Flora
Industrial, Technological, Astronmical & Scientific Heritage
Intangible Heritage
Languages & Toponymy
Marine & Coastal Biodiversity
Military/Defense and Maritime Cultural Heritage
Modern & Contemporary Heritage
Mountains and Glaciers
Museums, Museology, Interpretation & Moveable Heritage
Natural Heritage & Environment
Research on Materials Conservation and Mechanics
Restoration & Conservation Techniques
Tourism: Cultural Tourism & Ecotourism
Underwater Cultural Heritage/Archaeology
Vernacular Heritage
World Heritage


Special thanks to the members who have collaborated in this issue

Álvarez Domínguez, Pablo. Spain
Ciambrone, Alessandro. Italy
Cogliandro, Giannalia. Belgium
Díaz Martínez, Enrique. Spain
Esefeld, Joerg. Germany
García Vicente, José Javier. Spain
Huerta Ramón, Ricard. Spain
Martínez Valenzuela, María Montserrat. Spain
Mongin, Marie. France
Niglio, Olimpia. Italy
Pataro, María Susana. Argentina
Pérez Sánchez, Manuel. Spain
Reza, Md Habib. Bangladesh
Rodríguez Navarro, Pablo. Spain
Ruiz Alonso, Rafael. Spain
Saura, Magda. Spain
Tonera, Roberto. Brazil
Van Balen, Koenraad. Belgium
Wells, Jeremy. United States of America
Weyer, Angela. Germany

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