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Who can affiliate?

There are four categories of affiliation:

1 institutional for universities. JOIN

3 individual in heritage related disciplines:

flechaFinafor university professors or researchers

flechaFinaheritage practitioners

flechaFinastudents (graduate level)


Why affiliate?

flechaFinaTo keep abreast of heritage news both at international level as well as university level, through free access to the network website and database pertaining to both UNESCO and UPV;

flechaFinaTo disseminate one's works or activities by publishing them in the database easily and freely accessible online;

flechaFinaTo set up thematic sub-networks allowing the exchange of views, techniques and experiences;

flechaFinaTo become part of thematic research team(s) (cf. the Thematic Structure). The thematic sub-networks select the topic of their research in concertation with UNESCO;

flechaFinaTo present and disseminate works on the occasion of international or regional seminars of the network. To better know about other universities' works in one's field(s) of interest;

flechaFinaTo gain better visibility and international scientific recognition at the institutional or individual level through the publication of the best papers by the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO, if so decided by the Centre;

flechaFinaTo become a partner of the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO at institutional level through the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding and a biennial plan of activities.


How to affiliate?

Affiliation is free.


There are 3 categories of affiliation in heritage related disciplines:

Professors or researchers
• Heritage practitioners
Students (graduate level)


For individual affiliation, you need to fill the following Form


Institutional registration

The institutional affiliation is created through the signature of a bilateral 4-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and a University, to cover research and other activities. In an annex to the MoU, a description of a 4-year strategy and foreseen activities for the  first 2years are requested.   The 2 annexes should be short (1 A4 page for the strategy and 1-2 pages maximum for the work plan for the  first 2 years).

The University has to transmit to the World Heritage Centre an annual report on the progress achieved in implementing its work-plan.

The usual duration of MoUs is 4 years. It cannot be more but it can be less. MoUs can be renewed after 4 years, if both parties agree. The proposed activities should contribute to the goals and objectives of UNESCO in the field of heritage and address as much as possible the priorities identified in the framework of the implementation of the relevant UNESCO Conventions, as reflected in their statutory decisions.
A non exhaustive list of suggested research topics is accessible here. This list is based on the debates of the World Heritage Committee and on the daily experience of the World Heritage Centre in following up the protection and conservation of the sites inscribed on the World Heritage List to this date.

UNESCO not being a funding Agency, signing this MoU will not correspond to any funding from the World Heritage Centre. However, recognition of a partnership with the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO may help Universities mobilize resources from sponsors and donors. More significantly, becoming part of this large network may facilitate contatcs among institutions and individuals and foster cooperation among them.

Universities interested in becoming institutional members of the network and working with the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO through the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), may contact to:




Draft Model (44 kb)

Priority Research Topics (44 kb)



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